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True Grit (100 Tablets)

True Grit (100 Tablets)

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True Grit contains soluble and insoluble grits imported from Australia to facilitate the grinding of intact seeds for better digestion and enough supply of Calcium. The grits are impregnated with vitamins, minerals and toxin binders thus preventing molds that might affect the immune system of the bird.

•Prevents crop bound or indigestion
•Enhances digestion of whole intact seeds in the feed by grinding and wearing away their outer shell
•Enhances endurance of gamefowl during the conditioning period.
•Prevents vitamin and mineral deficiency
•Contains Calcium to strengthen bones

Dosage and Administration:

Pre-Conditioning and Conditioning
1 capsule of True Grit after morning feed every day.
The last day of administration is 3 days before the show.

Give 1 capsule of True Grit 3 times a week.
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