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Gallos Finos Foot Wrap and Tape (Color Varies)

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Package contains:

  • 4 pcs Cloth Wrap (Sapin Long)
  • 1 pc Tape


  • Set It and Forget It – Tape down cables, props, and equipment with confidence. Your Lockport gaffing tape is specially designed to stick on strong and stay through gamefowl shows
  • Professional Cleanliness – Trust your tape to let go when it’s time to pack up. Your stage tape leaves no residue on gamefowls' legs. 
  • No-Nonsense Use – Keep it simple with easy application. Your gaffer's tape can be torn in horizontal or vertical directions. Apply tape that’s the exact size and shape you need, every time.
  • Hidden in Plain Sight – Let your audience experience the show without distractions. Your gaff tape does not reflect stage or camera light and remains unseen, just like any good stagehand should.
  • The Lockport Promise – Invite us to your event or production, and let us make you the happiest gaffer on set. Your gaffing tape is backed by our commitment to your professional and artistic success.