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Gamefowl Supplement USA

NF-ONE (100 Tablets)

NF-ONE (100 Tablets)

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The NF-One Gamefowl Treatment is an easy-to-use, all-in-one bacterial solution for gamefowl and hens with digestive problems. It is a mix of two powerful antibiotics, Trimethoprim and Sulfamethazine, that work together to fight off bacterial infections in your poultry flock. Its nutritional base is made up of a lot of Vitamin A, essential fatty acids, and zinc, all of which help keep the bird healthy and keep its bones and muscles strong while it is molting. It helps fight chronic respiratory disease, coccidiosis, E. coli, and other bacterial imbalances in the intestines.


- Absorbs completely in 5 minutes - Has vitamins A, E, and zinc - Is easy to give by mouth - The combination of antibiotics fights off bacterial infections


- Helps keep bones strong during molting - Designed to keep game birds from getting common digestive diseases
Helps with chronic lung disease, coccidiosis, and E. coli. Fast and effective relief

For Prevention and Treatment of the following:

  • Fowl Thypoid or Salmonellosis (whitish droppings)
  • Colibacillosis (yellowish droppings)
  • Fowl Cholera
  • Greenish or wet droppings
  • Coccidiosis
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