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Poly B12 Cydroxo 10ML Vial

Poly B12 Cydroxo 10ML Vial

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Cydroxo is an advanced vitamin B12 supplement that helps support and improve protein metabolism, red blood cell development, and the health of the nervous system. Our special formula includes cyanocobalamin for maximum effectiveness and absorption. This helps keep your energy levels at their best every day. Cydroxo helps increase energy production in cells by restoring Vitamin B12 levels. This lets you make the most of each day.

Each mL contains:

  • Hydroxocobalamin .... 10mcg
  • Cyanocobalamin ..... 900mcg


Cydroxo supplementation is essential in protein metabolism and the basis of other coenzymes use in metabolism of energy. Cydroxo is involved in erythropoesis and treatment of anemias responsive to vitamin B12.

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