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Gamefowl Supplement USA

Bitamax B-Complex + Amino Acid Multivitamins Gamefowl Supplement

Bitamax B-Complex + Amino Acid Multivitamins Gamefowl Supplement

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Bitamax Gamefowl Supplement is a powerful combination of B-complex vitamins, amino acids, and liver extract specifically designed to enhance the performance of gamefowls. It is specially formulated to provide maximum strength and endurance during training and performance.

Bitamax is a dietary supplement that helps to develop muscular strength, aid in the formation of red blood cells for better blood circulation to different vital organs, and provide optimum performance, stamina and endurance. It also helps gamefowls to recover quickly from stress and diseases, making it an essential supplement for any gamefowl's diet.

In addition, Bitamax also enhances the reproductive performance of breeding materials, making it a valuable addition to any breeding program. The B-complex vitamins and amino acids in this supplement work together to provide the necessary nutrients for growth, health and vitality. The liver extract in Bitamax helps to cleanse the body and aids in the breakdown of toxins, which can negatively impact performance.

Whether you're training gamefowls for competition or breeding, Bitamax is an effective solution for improving performance and overall health. This supplement is easy to administer and can be given to gamefowls of all ages and sizes.

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