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B50/2 Forten (200 Tablets)

B50/2 Forten (200 Tablets)

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B50/2 Forten is a scientifically formulated, high-potency supplement for gamefowls that contains essential minerals, vitamins and fortified with Vitamin B12. It is specifically designed to:

  1. Improve body metabolism and increase energy production
  2. Sharpen gamefowls reflexes and boost resistance
  3. Maintain structural integrity of cells, tissues and mucous membrane
  4. Maintain osmotic pressure and acid-base balance
  5. Prevent rickets, osteomalacia, black tongue, anemia, polyneuritis, curled toe paralysis, exudative diathesis, crazy chicks disease, and reproductive failure.

With B50/2 Forten, you can keep your gamefowls healthy, strong and ready to perform at their best.

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