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Quick Heal Wound Spray 50ML

Quick Heal Wound Spray 50ML

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Oxytetracycline + Gentian Violet

For fast healing of wounds, after-dubbing wound care and fowl pox dressing.

Directions for use:

Clean the wound thoroughly hold the aerosol 4 inches away from the wound spray until the wound is completely covered and wet repeat daily until the wound heals.

Fowl Pox Treatment:

1. Clean your hands with soap in running water
2. Using your hands, remove the scab in the affected area and let it bleed.
3. Moisten a cotton swab with pure QUICK HEAL Wound Spray solution and wipe over affected areas
4. For faster recovery, use AMBROXITIL for chicks and AMTYL 500 for stags, rooster, pullets, and hens for 3 consecutive days after scab removal and application of QUICK HEAL.

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