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Premoxil 550 (100 Tablets)

Premoxil 550 (100 Tablets)

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Premoxil is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that contains both amoxicillin and tylosin. It is used to prevent wound infections and treat infectious diseases in poultry and gamefowls, such as CRD, pullorum, coryza, swollen head syndrome (SHS), bumblefoot, and more. It helps stop the growth of many organisms that are sensitive to its antibacterial effect. This gives quick relief and helps the body heal. Premoxil is easy to give because it can be added to water or food.


Contains both Amoxicillin and Tylosin. Antibiotic with a wide range of effects. Prevents and treats CRD, Pullorum disease, Coryza, and other diseases.
- Easy to give through drinking water or by adding it to food.


- Gives chickens quick relief from the symptoms of bacterial infections - Speeds up the healing process so they can get better faster
- It's safe to use on laying hens and broilers.
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