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Oxy Rid 5ml

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Do you know that gamefowls have eyeworms? If not properly treated, they may affect the eye or may cause blindness to the fowl. Oxy Rid is the only eye dewormer for gamefowls in the market. It is formulated to prevent and treat eyeworm infestation.

Oxy Rid Eye Dewormer is the best treatment for eyeworms in gamefowl. This dewormer is made to treat and prevent the parasites that cause your flocks' eyes to become blind or irritated. It kills parasites and helps the immune system and respiratory health.


- Powerful mix of ingredients. - Made especially to kill eyeworms in gamefowl.
- It makes the immune system stronger. - It's safe to use on breeding birds, show birds, and fighting cocks.


- Keeps your chickens healthy by getting rid of eyeworms quickly. - Stops infection from eyeworm larvae from causing blindness. - Easy to feed, cheap, and effective.