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Breeder Ade (Vitamin ADE) 5 grams

Breeder Ade (Vitamin ADE) 5 grams

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Introducing Breeder ADE (Vitamin ADE) Gamefowl Supplement, a powerful dietary supplement specifically formulated to improve the performance of breeding gamefowls. It provides a unique blend of essential minerals that help to increase the potency of the brood fowls, resulting in a higher number of good eggs for hatching and a higher hatchability rate.

One of the key benefits of Breeder ADE is that it helps to increase the egg production of brood hens, making it an essential supplement for any breeding program. It also improves the fertility and hatchability of eggs, resulting in a higher survival rate for chicks.

In addition to improving the breeding performance, Breeder ADE also provides health protection to breeding materials during the breeding season. The minerals in this supplement work together to provide the necessary nutrients for growth, health, and vitality, ensuring that your gamefowls remain in top condition throughout the breeding season.

With Breeder ADE, you can achieve a higher number of chicks in the breeding season, improve the fertility and hatchability of eggs, and ensure that your breeding gamefowls are healthy and strong. This supplement is easy to administer and can be given to gamefowls of all ages and sizes.

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