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2-in-1 Electric Hair Trimmer and Nail Polisher Set for Dogs

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The ultimate solution for grooming your furry friend! This set includes an electric hair trimmer and an electric nail polisher, suitable for small and medium-sized dogs, cats, and other pets with infrequent exercise and long nails. The color of the set is white.

The set includes a replacement head for the nail polisher, lubricant, and a small brush. The hair trimming device is specially designed for grooming your pet's face and feet, while the nail polisher is equipped with two openings, allowing you to use the large face for big dogs and the small face for small dogs. The sandstone material is strong and durable, ensuring that your pet's nails are neat and smooth. The tool head is made of an ultra-precision machined fixed-tooth fixed knife with a ceramic moving knife, offering excellent shearing force.

To switch between the two, simply remove the blade of the electric clipper and replace it with the nail sharpener. The cutter head is also detachable for easy cleaning. The device has a sleek and elegant design and is designed with low noise and low vibration for a more comfortable experience for your pet. The motor is a 2.4V powerful long-life motor and it runs on 2 AA alkaline dry batteries (batteries not included).

To use the nail polisher, simply insert 2 AA batteries (not included), hold your pet's paw, and gently place their nails into the nail polish hole. The time for each manicure should not be too long and you should pay attention to your pet's reaction. If it's your pet's first time using the nail polisher, start by gently rubbing off the tip of their nails. It's important not to grind too deep and to let your pet gradually adapt. This electric nail polisher is easy to use, will not harm your pet, and provides a better manicure experience.

Before using the hair trimmer, it's recommended to first bathe and dry your pet's hair. Long hair should be cut short first, to prolong the life of the cutter head. After use, be sure to clean the hair fragments and solidified oil to prevent them from hindering the movement of the clippers. A small brush is included for cleaning, and a drop of lubricant can be added for maintenance.

It's important to follow the product manual carefully and to turn off the power switch before installing or removing the electric push scissors head. After use, turn off the power and apply some lubricating and antirust oil to the blades. The nail polisher and blades should not be washed with water, and the device should not be used on human nails as it may cause damage. If the product is not in use for a long time, it's recommended to remove the battery.

Get your hands on the 2-in-1 Electric Hair Trimmer and Nail Polisher Set for Dogs today and give your furry friend the ultimate grooming experience!