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Will the Peruvian Gamefowls help make the super breed of the future?

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Peruvian Gamefowl

Will the combination of Peruvian and American bloodlines produce better fighters? When the asil gamefowls were introduced to the American Game, blends, and strains of different looking, different-fighting American gamefowl appeared. Most notable of these, according to accounts, were some roundheads, and lately some sweaters.

Will the Peruvian Gamefowls do the same in the Philippines? Perhaps.

Indeed, a breeder from Negros has already won the Bakbakan with his own Peruvian graded strains.

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Also, Rafael Bazan, a champion Peruvian breeder, 2 –time grand champion in Peru, once told Roosterman E-Mag, that for Peruvian fighting ¾ Peruvian ¼ American could be ideal. Conversely, he said, for American fighting the opposite could be it, meaning ¾ American ¼ Peruvian.

What Bazan said was logical and likely. Most likely by blending good Peruvian and good American bloodlines that are compatible with each other and, not just any Peruvian that one can buy on Facebook, nor any American strain from just anybody.

In some circles, the race is on to produce these super strains by mixing Peruvian and American game fowl.

The Peruvian game fowl may change the standards of the future. In some instances, it will tremendously improve the present bloodlines. On the other hand it could also ruin many good bloodlines of today. The Peruvian has a couple of good traits vital to winning Long Knife fights. But it also has more bad traits. Finding out which are good and which are bad is the challenge. We think just enough Peruvian blood is good. Too much Peruvian blood is bad.

Several decades ago in many cockfighting countries, there was an asil mania, but it didn’t catch as much fire in the Philippines. The asils were not the Filipinos’ type of fighting cocks.

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Now comes the Peruvian Navajeros. The Peruvians might seem to appeal to Filipinos. After all, while asils are for naked heel fighting, the Peruvians are bred for the long knife, the type of rooster-fighting Filipinos like most.

In Peru these giant birds are called Peruvian Navajeros to distinguish them from another, smaller type of Peruvian fighting cocks used for another type of fighting. Navajero is from the word navaja or blade. Like the Filipino slasher knife, the navaja is tied also to the left leg of the Peruvian Navajero during combat.

However, the rules in Peru differ from ours. These differences in the rules also led to developments of traits in the Navajeros that are not applicable or even disadvantageous if our rules are applied. This makes breeding Peruvian harder and more challenging because we have to identify these negative traits and get rid of them while at the same time keeping the good ones.

Rey Bajenting (November 2015, RB Sugbo Magazine)

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