Why V22 Pill is the ultimate gamefowl vitamin?

Why V22 Pill is the ultimate gamefowl vitamin?

V22 Pill Contains required daily amount of Vitamins B & C

Vitamin B and C are constantly exhausted daily in the gamefowl’s body and must be replaced, as these are resistance builder against diseases for gamefowls. Vitamin C is also important to gamefowls especially as it is the reducing agent to assist in the assimilation of essential iron in the gamefowl’s blood stream. V22 Pills contain required daily amount of both Vitamin B and C for gamefowls.

It contains safe amount of Vitamin A

V-22 Multivitamins + Minerals for Gamefowls

In recent scientific studies, it has been discovered that a Vitamin A deficiency is responsible for glare blindness, which is a partial loss of sight in an artificially lighted area. If your gamefowl is glare blind, he should make any obvious mistakes in the Keep and on the workboard for you to detect it. Vitamin A us also an infection fighter and expedites healing of wounds and injuries. V22 Pill is a perfect source for this vitamin.

It contains Iron to fight anemia and weakness

Anemia is the abnormal condition of the red blood cells. It is not a disease, but a symptom caused by improper feeding and worms. Gamefowls also develop anemia from loss of blood and injuries. Chronic iron deficiency can easily be treated if you give V22 Pill as daily supplement for your fowls. It is also a good practice that after deworming you give a double dose of V22 Pill for faster recovery.

It contains safe amount of Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps develop healthy feathers, facial skin and stronger immunity against common avian diseases. Sourcing Vitamin E from human vitamins such as Centrum or Kirkland Multivitamins could be toxic, but V22 Pill is formulated at a right and safe amount for chickens.

V22 Pill is Loaded with Trace Minerals

Trace minerals is just as important as vitamins and protein as each mineral plays an important part in the gamefowl’s ability to combine all nutrients he ingests from food or from supplements. Calcium and Phosphorous aids in strengthening skeletal system. Magnesium aids in keeping a healthy blood and circulation and aids in hormone function. Potassium keeps the proper chemical balance of the fluids in body cells, as does Sodium, to maintain proper heart muscle and body muscle functions. Zinc boosts immune system and helps with metabolism function. It also expedites healing from wounds and injuries. All this and more are packed in one V22 Pill.

Contains Pro-biotic Brewer’s Yeast

Brewer’s yeast protect your gamefowl from diarrhea caused by antibiotics and lactose intolerance. This is beneficial if you just treated your gamefowls with antibiotics or provided milk supplements during pointing. During medication and pointing, make a habit of giving V22 Pills for your fowl.


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