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Put just a little Peruvian Gamefowl in your blend

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Peruvian Gamefowl

Many Filipino breeders are now raising the Peruvian gamefowl, despite its high cost. Indeed, many would attest to the ability and value of the Peruvian gamefowls. Then, although some regard the Peruvians beautiful, the majority consider Peruvian gamefowls very ugly--big head, hunchback, some with a very long neck, some with a bull neck, big feet, ugly feathers some even naked, etc. So why breed the Peruvian gamefowls?

Some raise these birds for status symbols. It is expensive and not easy to acquire. Others raise the Peruvian gamefowl because it could be the new “in thing.” Others really believe that Peruvians are such an excellent specimen of a game fowl. Others breed the Peruvian gamefowl because they think they can make money due to its high price and the market’s relative innocence and vulnerability to exploitation.

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Meanwhile, some of us breed Peruvian gamefowls because of the challenge. That’s right the challenge. As we said, breeding the American fowl is easy. There are so many solid, stable and indeed near-perfect specimens of American game cocks available, that anyone of us may be able to produce super individuals by just acquiring the expensive breeding stock of American game from well-established game farms.

On the contrary, when you breed the Peruvian gamefowl it is almost like starting from scratch. You have to work your way up. Risk accompanies every blend you make. Every time you put in Peruvian blood to your existing bloodline there is the risk that bad traits instead of the goodwill manifest.

With the Peruvian gamefowls, you have to know what you’re doing. Otherwise, you will end up with the bad traits of the Peruvian gamefowl minus the desirable ones. You have to know exactly what traits in the Peruvian you are after and how to keep these traits cross after cross. Therefore in breeding Peruvian, you have to be a true breeder.

Most calculations place the ideal American-Peruvian mix at about 3/16 to 1/8 Peruvian. Therefore in making that critical final cross you have to use a good 3/8 or ¼ Peruvian mated with a good pure American. More Peruvian gamefowl blood the greater risk.

Breeding the Peruvian gamefowl is hard and challenging. But, that makes breeding the Peruvian the more fascinating.

Rey Bajenting (RB Sugbo Magazine December 2015)

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