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Gene Banking

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When my friend and adviser on bloodlines, Vency Maranan told me about the Steel Magnolia or the Doyle Watson Shuffler, I got really excited. I knew then that it came from old solid lines. And my research into the more recent developments yielded positive reviews.

But why, in the first place, did I get excited upon the mention of an old bloodline?

Well, my current observation is that, because they have been bred solely for long knife or slasher fighting for many years, modern bloodlines in the Philippines have developed some “imbalance of traits.”

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Modern bloodlines are smart and fast and they could cut. However, they lack the fighting attributes of the old bloodlines needed for gaff fighting such as extreme gameness, endurance, and the determination to kill the opponent. My assessment is our modern bloodlines could use doses of these traits.

Moreover, since I am into breeding Peruvian graded lines, and, the gameness, endurance, and determination of the Peruvian during longer fights are suspect, therefore, the more I need old blood in my gene pool.

Breeding is somewhat like an International banking or currency market. You maintain a number of accounts in different currencies and draw from whichever account depending on the current exchange rates and demands of the situation.

So the currency of the DW Shuffler was supposed to be gameness, endurance, and determination. Later, however, after we got hold of it, we realized the bloodline has a couple of other assets. One, it is smart. Two, it cuts well and can kill with the economy of movements.

Blended with my Blakliz, a speed bloodline, the Shuffler was great that I came up with a new bloodline, the Shuffler Blakliz. The Shuffler Blakliz scored 4-0 in the 2015 stag season.

Talking of banking, breeding is also about gene banking.

Gene banking is a breeding concept being adopted for years by RB Sugbo Gamefowl Technology. The idea is to pool genes of certain phenotypes together along with corresponding fighting traits.

For example, we have a pool with speed as its main trait; another pool with smart and flight as the main thrust, and another with power and endurance as mainstays. Of course, cut and gameness are always present in all the pools.

Individuals from the different pools may be used to infuse particular traits into a bloodline; blend with the other bloodlines or upgrade bloodlines. The principles behind RB Sugbo’s gene bank concept are perfogenetics and breed complementarity.

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RB Sugbo Gamefowl Technology coined the word perfogenetics meaning to breed the gamefowl based mainly on fighting performance without so much regard for the purity of the bloodline. The main concern of perfogenetics is the purification of fighting traits, not the bloodline.

Perfogenetics is a sort of gene banking. When you repeatedly put certain desirable traits into a line, then you are banking or collecting those traits in the said line or gene pool.

When you combine two individual pools or bank of genes into another bloodline or a cross then you are trying to avail of complementarity by gene variations.

When you have a line that you feel needs more speed then you draw an individual from the speed pool and inject its genes into said line. If you want to create a bloodline that is both fast and strong then you mate and individual from the speed pool with another from the power pool. Then hope for breed complementarity.

Rey Bajenting (RB Sugbo Magazine December 2016)

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