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Assets and defects of Peruvian Gamefowls

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One question that is being repeatedly asked is this: Is the Peruvian game?

Over the years, I have been observing through videos the Peruvian Navajeros, I also dabbled in breeding the Peruvian gamefowl; and lately, I became associated with one of Peru's top breeders and toughest competitors Sr. Rafael Bazan.

At present, as a breeder, I have invested a lot of time, and effort, if not money, in creating a dream blend of Peruvian Navajero and American Game.

So I would say that I possessed some fair knowledge about this craze that is the Peruvian gamefowl.

So, let's go back to the question; is the Peruvian Gamefowl game?

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Definitely, the Peruvian Gamefowl is not as game as the American Game. It could be gamer than say the native breeds, and perhaps the asil gamefowl, but definitely it is not as game as the hatches, greys, sweaters, and most other American bloodlines... because they are not meant to be. The rules in Peru are quite different from the rules in the US and our own for that matter.

So why breed the Peruvian Gamefowl?

There are so many reasons why people breed and raise the Peruvian gamefowls. For one, Peruvians are fascinating. With their size and bulk and that they can still manage to fly high and engage in fast exchanges of blows. Another is the bragging right. Even ordinary Peruvians, mostly from breeders who have not fought in a single Peruvian Navajero torneo, are expensive, and real Peruvians, those bred by top-notch breeders from Peru, are several times more expensive and really hard to acquire.

And there is an opportunity. Because of the higher prices and growing demands, some take advantage of the relative innocence of the market and are breeding just any Peruvian gamefowl or even not real and sell their produce as such.

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But some serious breeders are breeding the Peruvian gamefowl because they think the Peruvian can still improve the great American game. It is just a matter of finding the right blend. This is the reason too why I am breeding Peruvians. I reckon there are some traits of the Peruvian gamefowls that if put together with those of the American, might produce some super blends.

What are these assets of the Peruvian?

First, I love the way how the Peruvian cuts. Good Peruvians throw their feet far upfront and with multiple strokes and less recoil in between strokes. They always try to keep their body at a safe distance.

Then, good Peruvians are high leapers. Yes, leapers not flyers. Although I also frequently see Peruvians that fly, flapping their wings too much and stay in the air too long. I don’t like it. I like leapers, not flyers.

Another thing with the Peruvian is its physical structure. Like the asil gamefowls, it is sturdy, tall, and muscular. Because of this, they are relatively strong, even taking into consideration their size and bulk.

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If you add these attributes to the intelligence, agility, speed, determination, endurance, and gameness of the American, then you will have a super breed.

Breeding is all about keeping the good traits and discarding the bad ones. So try to keep the cutting, leaping ability, and the physique of the Peruvian and, at the same time, correct its weaknesses such as its lack of gameness.

Actually, we at RB Sugbo has identified four grave defects of the Peruvian, including lack of gameness. The other weaknesses we prefer not divulge to avoid offending the many Peruvian lovers. Rather we would keep it as sort of trade secrets.

If we are correct regarding these weaknesses, then it is to our advantage if others would not know what to get rid of. You see there is now a race to producing great Peruvian American blends.

Again Is the Peruvian game? No, it is not as game as most American game fowl. Nonetheless, I like small Peruvian gamefowl blood, say, 1/4, 3/16, or 1/8 in my American bloodlines. I have tried it, and I like what I have seen in the results so far.

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For example, start with a 50-50 blend of an excellent Peruvian gamefowl and equally excellent American. Then slowly downgrade the Peruvian gamefowl blood to your liking. Keep in mind that the so-called ideal blend differs from one breeder to another, depending on the traits of the Peruvian and American bloodlines they are using.

But always crucial is the final mating that will result in your preferred battle cross. I call it the critical cross. In this critical cross be sure the downgraded Peruvian you are using still possesses the good traits and already devoid of the bad ones; and the American you are using got all the attributes that you like in the American.

In my critical crosses, almost all the time, I use as downgraded Peruvian brood cock over hens of my most tested bloodlines.


Another trade secret.


Rey Bajenting (RB Sugbo Magazine, December 2015)


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